For any employee in any organization, it is ethical and required of him or her to follow and strictly adhere to certain policies set out and laid down by the organization so as to ensure an organized flow of operations and conducive environment and equity in the day to day running of the organization. If one opts to go against these laid down rules and regulations, then they are held in contempt and are subjected to disciplinary measures. This is because the rules and policies exist to ensure that the organization operates within its vision and goals.

One of the most common occurrences at the workplace that most of us must have probably heard of or have been part of is the case of sickness and the workplace policy on sickness. Most of the times we are suddenly faced with ailment and this is in many cases beyond our control, however this does not give anyone the right to conduct themselves in any manner they feel like, but are obliged to follow the procedure laid down by the human resources department in the event of such a situation.

Need for Involvement


It is for this reason that the human resources department exists to play a crucial role in such times. When one gets ill and has to take some time off in order to seek the necessary medical attention, it is important that he or she notifies the human resources department as it is their obligation and responsibility to take care of the well being of their employees. This is also necessary in the event whereby the organization has offered to provide medical cover for its employees. The human resources department has to get involved as it has to determine the institutions that are in line with their medical cover so that the employee may seek treatment there.

It is also important that the human resources department gets involved as it is their responsibility to seek out and meet the genuine needs of the employees. It is the responsibility of the human resources department to ensure that the employee who is unwell gets through the process of filling the sickness absence notification form as required and any other necessary assistance be given to them. They also do a follow up and if the employee is still unwell after a period of four days, they have to compel the employee to fill a self certification form which will then be sent to the payroll. It is the duty of the human resource department to ensure that all employee absenteeism as a result of the illness is reported, and put into the record.

Post treatment Analysis

After the employee has undergone treatment for some time, two outcomes may be viable. If the employee is fit to resume work, then they sit and discuss a return to work plan for the employee, however, where it is necessary to support termination or retirement on grounds of capability, then they do so sensitively.

Companies, for sure, want to know whether their employees are really sick of their just faking it to keep the job or leech their company’s provision to the sick programs. Many have been reported doing this, and that fact raises the eagerness of clients to put power on human resources to investigate. Today, a doctor’s excuse note is very popular to serve this purpose.