The Miracle of Freezing Fat

Freezing fat is a new trend that more and more people are using to lose weight. It is a simple and very effective way as one does not need tedious long hours at the gym and that’s why more and more people are embracing it.

To understand how this phenomena works, we need to know the basic science behind it. Importantly we need to know that our bodies have two types of fats, brown and white fat. The two fats work differently. White fat is mainly found in the stomach and thigh areas and is used to fuel muscles while brown fat helps in burning of fats. When white fat is frozen it turns into brown fat and therefore aids the body in burning fat by increasing the body’s metabolism. This simply put is how freezing fat helps our bodies lose weight.

This process is very easy and can be done at home. One can make their own Ice/gel packs. All you need is Ice and a thin cloth. The ice is wrapped in a cloth and then placed on the target areas, mainly thighs and stomach. Keep it there for at least half an hour. It can be done either while rested or while working. The results will be visible in 2 weeks if the same process is done daily religiously.
This process can cause mild or server skin burns if the ice is placed directly on the skin without a cloth as a barrier. The cloth should also not be too thick as this can reduce the effectiveness of this procedure and therefore very little fat will be converted from white to brown. The right cloth or pack is of the right thickness is therefore very key in this method of freezing fat.

Freezing fat is great alternative for losing weight that one should do cautiously if the gym is not your favorite place.